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While riding in the back of a cab, Anyi Malik once made the driver laugh so hard that he crashed his car into another vehicle. This calamity ignited Anyi to begin his career as a standup comedian. For a decade, Anyi has been regularly performing his clever, conversational comedy up and down the west coast on such notable stages as The Punchline San Francisco, The Hollywood Improv, and the Comedy Store. Originally from the Bay Area, Anyi now lives in Los Angeles, CA., where he is a regular performer in the club and underground comedy scene. Once described by Comedy Recap as “the most animated performer”, Anyi has quickly grown recognition on the circuit for his lively performances and his distinct, hypnotic voice that simultaneously soothes, amuses, and abuses his audiences. In addition to various web sketches, commercial ads, and podcasts Anyi Malik has appeared on Buzzfeed, Hulu and Fox Networks. Not only is his debut label release 'Pop Grits' (MADD Records) available on Amazon and iTunes, his independently produced comedy albums, Lamb Choppin’ and ‘Doin The Most‘ can be found there as well. Just be careful when listening while driving!

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